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Control Line Association of South Africa - CLASA
Control Line Association of South Africa - CLASA The activity of Control Line flying in South Africa, goes back to the late 1940's, and was the second major discipline to be flown in South Africa. There are four categories for Control Line competition and these are; stunt, team racing, combat, and speed. The extra event that is not part of the normal FAI competitions is scale.

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Dirk Meyer
083 455 8238
Model Helicopters SA - MHSA
F3c/n-SA is a Special Interest Group (SIG) formed to actively promote the assembly and flying of model helicopters under the auspices of SAMAA. There can be little doubt that the flying of radio controlled helicopters is the most challenging of all remote controlled flying model classes. "Most challenging" does not mean that it is either the ultimate or the best - that is for the individual to decide for himself.


Carlo Steyn
083 292 2145
South African Miniature Pylon Racing Association - SAMPRA
Radio Control Pylon racing is an adrenaline rush like few others offered in RC.
Racing head- to-head against three other pilots around the course tests your flying ability and will leave you craving more.Pylon Races are not just for pilots, but are great events for spectators, too.
There is a lot going on during a pylon race—and flying is only part of the activity.


Matthys Botha
South African Model Parachute Enthusiasts - SAMPE
SAMPE focus on competitive Model Parachute Enthusiasts in hoping to provide a participative national footprint for the future.
Our key objective is to grow the hobby into a sport with possible international participation or events hosting.


Pieter Mulder
Fly FPV SA is a Special Interest Group under the South African Model Aircraft Association (SAMAA) and is tasked with promoting safe First Person View (FPV) flying and competitions in South Africa.
Flying a Multi-rotor aircraft designed for filming such as the Dji Phantom is not the same as flying FPV even though they share some similarities they have a completely different set of rules and procedures, you do not need a licence to fly FPV however it is recommended you obtain a SAMAA multi-rotor Line Of Sight (LOS) and FPV proficiency ratings that indicates you have the skills and knowledge to pilot a multi-rotor aircraft.


Yvette Steyn-Churchman
Large Scale Aerobatics - LSA
Large Scale Aerobatics is a SIG (Special Interest Group) affiliated with SAMAA whereby we fly large scale aerobatic aircraft in competitions to test our skill and sometimes our nerves.
Large Scale Aerobatics has been running for a number of years, but of late, has needed a change in order to get known worldwide so that our top pilots may compete with the best of the best in the world, and we know that they will make us proud.

Justin Gomersall


Model Aerobatic Association SA - MAASA
What is the appeal of Precision Aerobatics?

Precision Aerobatics is an addiction as well as an international sport that demands discipline. As with all addictions you need to TRY it before you can become hooked.

You need to understand the rules of the sport which are defined by the FAI Sporting code and amended for local use in the Sporting Code.

To become a proficient Aerobatic pilot takes years of practise and dedication but the improvement to your flying skills will be immediately apparent and the self satisfaction as each new skill is learnt and perfected will be on-going and can culminate in representing South Africa at the F3A World Championships

Joining MAASA is as easy as completing the application form and paying the prescribed membership fee.

Download the schedules. Do a bit of Reading and some practise. Check out the calendar of events for your next local event!!!


Grant Brook
082 888 0670
Model Gliding Assosiation - MGA
The MGA BLOG is the official electronic news-media for the Model Gliding Association, the SAMAA designated Special Interest Group that maintains the interests of RC gliding and competitive soaring in South Africa.


Brett Lewis
076 191 5277.

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