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December 9, 2019
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December 9, 2019

Folded Wings Memorial Jet Weekend

09 Dec 19

The Folded Wings Memorial Jet weekend was held from 23rd to 27th October at the Gariep Dam Airfield. This event is held in honour of fellow jet modellers who were involved in the early years of jets and who are no longer with us anymore. The event took place from Wednesday to Saturday.

Pilots from all over the country attended this annual event. This year we celebrated the 10th Folded Wings Memorial Jet event. We had a total of 26 pre-registered pilots, most of them have attended some of the previous events, and the only new comer this year was Eric Klopper whom will soon get to fly his own jet.

On the first day pilots normally arrive early to stake out their claim of where they would like to park their trailer and erect their shade for the flying days ahead. This year the weather was so good, people started flying from early on the Wednesday. The weather forecast  for the weekend did not look so good as the wind was predicted to be quite strong during the later part of the day. Early Wednesday afternoon all aircraft were packed in the hangar are all met at the local watering hole for some refreshments.

Due to the predicted weather forecast for the remainder of flying days, pilots decided to start flying very early in the morning when the weather conditions were much more favorable, The wind started picking up around 10am and got progressively worse, most of the flying stopped around 14h00.

More than enough flying was done by all pilots throughout the weekend with great professionalism. Saturday evening all pilots, friends and family were treated to a sit down dinner and some refreshments at the local bowling green. Special thanks to the ladies of the community for looking after us every year.

Special thanks to all who help make this event so special every year. A thank you Aventura Resort for the use of their water cart.

 A thank you goes to our sponsors:

Jets-r-us, Dennys Electrical, Sanjay Kana, Markosweiswerke, SAMJA

We are looking forward to seeing all at next years event.