Folded Wings Memorial Jet Weekend
December 9, 2019

Fish Hoek Electric RC Flyers

09 Dec 19

This club is exactly like the name says; it is for electric flying only. The airfield, situated just outside the little town of Fish Hoek, is affiliated to the Fish Hoek sports club. The property on which the runway is based is leased by the club from the municipality. They are very fortunate as the mowing of the lawn is done by the local municipality.

The current chairman is Doug Ross and can be contacted on 0832863452. All paid up SAMAA members are welcome to join them on any day to fly. The club has 35 paid up members. The co ordinance is 18 24 30E 34 07 30S.

The club has only one runway in the region of 80m, with very nice runoff on all ends of the runway. The pit area is partly shaded, no toilet facilities and no water at the field.