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November 20, 2019
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November 20, 2019

Blombos Bush Pilots Club

14 Nov 19

Blombos Bush Pilots Club

Blombos Bush Pilots Club (Stilbaai)

The current chairman is Albert Monk who can be contacted on 0824415640. The club was founded only in 2013 and is situated on a farm just outside of Stilbaai in the Jongersfontein area.

The runway consists of a grass field that gets mowed regularly by one of the members. The length of the runway is 120m x 15m. This runway is suitable to fly most sport aircraft, preferably tail draggers.

The club has 7 paid up local members and 8 members from surrounding areas. They also have 23 members who are holiday makers from further north of the country who fly there during the festive season.

Flying takes place any day of the week, they do also organise 3 to 4 social get togethers annually. On social flying days during lunch time all flying is ceased and all congregate under 2 large trees for a social lunch, joined by friends and family. These 2 trees is on the opposite side of the runway so no flying takes place while members are relaxing under the trees.

The club does not have any toilet facilities nor is there any shade next to the runway.

 Visiting pilots are welcome, please contact Albert to arrange entry. The co ordinance is 21 18 11E   34 23 40S.

Jongersfontein Slope Site:

The site has been registered with SAMAA but is not very active during the year but is more active over the festive season with visitors. The person to contact regarding times and days of when they operate is Johan Sieling. Johan can be contacted on 0828988810. The co ordinance of site is       21 19 52E 34 25 47S.